Monday, August 25, 2014

Off to Leeds I go

I woke around my usual time and got my bags packed before having a small bite to eat. I decided yo try for an earlier train to Leeds and got on the train to Lime Street at 9:41 am. Arriving at Lime Street, I switched onto the 10:12 train heading to Newcastle that would stop at Leeds. Wishing I had purchased a snack or food I headed East towards Leeds passing through Manchester.  Arriving in Leeds around noon, I wandered around the shopping area which is very close to the train station.

 Locating the art gallery I headed inside while the sun was shining over head. I was able to store my bag in a closet for the duration of my visit which I thought was really nice as the sign on the door said no bags and here I was with my backpack. I walked around the gallery was surprised to see a recreation of the plaques from Postman's Park in it. Was sad to read them all over again. The art gallery is not that large but it has a good amount of artwork. I was unable to see their fine art collection as the section was closed for art renovations. Therefore I was unable to see The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse.

As I was leaving the art gallery, the weather decided to take a very nasty turn and started to pour down rain. I hurried along, attempting to find the bus stop that would take me to my hotel. Finding it, I saw I was too early and decided to get a backpack cover from Cotswolds Outdoor Store. I got the Lowe Alpine Rain Cover. The irony is though that as soon as I got the cover on my backpack it stopped raining. Well, now I cover for next time.

Still with time to spare before my bus arriving I chose to check out St. John the Evangelist's Church. It is designated as a Grade I listed building. It is the oldest church in the city centre of Leeds and was built between 1632 and 1634. This makes the church 382 years old!

After checking out the church I headed to Seacroft where I would be staying in the Britania Hotel Leeds. I checked into my hotel and got settled before heading back to the bus stop and jumping on the next bus. I wasn't paying attention and got on the one going to Harrogate which is not close to Leeds but in the opposite direction. I got a lovely ride out into the countryside before getting off and jumping on the next one heading in the right direction. Ending up in the city centre I had a walk around before deciding on getting some dinner. I was recommended the Indian restaurant Tharavadu. It was a tasty experience and I really enjoyed the fish curry that I decided on. After my dinner, I walked up into the Trinity Leeds shopping centre which has a really cool glass roof. 

Growing tired and not wanting to be in the city after dark, I caught the next bus to Seacroft and popped into Tesco's for some snacks for the festival as well as some food for myself for the morning. Heading back to the hotel, I got in my pajamas and had a relaxing evening.

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