Thursday, August 28, 2014

Leeds Festival!

The day dawned with glorious sunshine and I caught the 771 bus to the festival. Finding myself heading to get my ticket. Retrieving my ticket, I exchanged it for a wristband and headed into the festival. I was very early but there were lots of people around. I wandered around by the campsites as there was plenty of stalls offering different things by the campsites. As soon as the gates were opened to the main field I headed inside.

I found myself a nice seat and met a nice couple from York named Sarah and Simon. They were very sweet and shared chocolates with me and let me read their program. I sat/stood with them the majority of the day. The first band to preform was Gnarwolves. The crowd was quite small but they seemed fine with it, saying the Leeds stage was the largest one they had ever played on. After Gnarwolves, Pulled Apart By Horses was supposed to play but they got ill so could not play.

After Gnarwolves, Dry The River and Peace played. I really enjoyed Dry the River. I missed out on Peace to go check out the Dance tent to check out Adventure Club. As I was walking along I heard the American Author's song Best Day of My Life and was drawn in to listen to it. I was not the only one and lots of people were walking past were drawn into listen to the tune.  It put me in a really good mood listening to the song. Not that Leeds Festival will be the best day of my life but it will be sure a highlight of my memories. It just made me think that you should try and be positive and make everyday the best day.

I manoeuvred my way across the field, seeing the crowds getting bigger and rejoined Sarah and Simon to watch The Hives. The Swedish band was very good. The lead singer Pelle Almqvist was hilarious and worked the crowd up.

After The Hives came Foster the People who are known for their hit "Pumped Up Kicks" they did a really good show as well.

Imagine Dragons came on next and they were my second favourite to the Arctic Monkeys. I did not get any good photos of them but stood back to enjoy the show.  After they ended I parted ways with Sarah and Simon and pushed my way through the crowd until I didn't feel comfortable pushing closer. The second to last act was Jake Bugg. I had never heard him sing before but he reminded me a little of a baby Johnny Cash.

As soon as Jake was done the magic happened and the Arctic Monkeys came out. I kept getting pushed closer and closer to the stage but sadly was not as close as I had hoped. I still managed to get a few alright photos but it was all about the experience. They did a really good show and I had a great time. My favourite part was when they played a bit of Mardy Bum. 

I had such a great time at the festival, after the Arctic Monkeys went off stage, I hustled along to the taxi queue and was glad I did as I had to wait an hour when the line was really short and the line more than tripled while I was waiting. I headed back to the hotel and got in my jammies for a night full of dreams filled with Alex Turner and the Arctic Monkeys

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