Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another day, another dollar...I mean pound.

Tuesday at work was just as fast as Monday. Even faster I would say.  I started on the floor, folding shorts and more shorts and more shorts. Trying to help as much as I could with putting out stock. Customers questions were still as confusing as anything. I got pulled off the floor and put onto tills for about half an hour before going back to the floor.   I got put back onto tills shortly after so out of my four hour shift I think about three of the hours were spent just on tills.  The time goes really fast when you're constantly serving people. The only think about tills I don't like is bagging hangers cause they can get really annoying going in sometimes. Also don't like mucking about with the paper bags before packing the things. Hoping I will get better and faster at packing. Hate making people wait but they always say it's fine and they don't mind.

After work I headed over to St. John's to get a bite to eat for dinner and ended up talking to this nice Welsh man for a little bit. He told me he was heading to Vancouver in September and I told him about a few things.  It was nice to have a conversation just from sitting next to someone. I told him about my wish to climb Mount Snowdon and he talked about ways to get there. Might plan myself a weekend trip soon to Wales and climb me a mountain.

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  1. I think I'd prefer the tills too. Glad day 2 went quick. I hope you make it to Mount Snowdon soon.