Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We got a bleeder!

Well workday started as everyday has this week. Wake up, dress, eat, get on train, walk to Primark, stairs. I've been sneaking the elevator a little bit when I can.  Everyone seems to do it.

I started on the floor like I had everyday so far. Attempting to put out new stock and answer questions from customers. The layout of the department seems to change every night so its a bit of a struggle to remember where some items are in just my corner. The place is so big. Every floor has its own staff, managers and supervisors. Then the floor is split into sections and they have their own supervisors. My supervisor is really nice but then again everyone has been really nice and helpful to me.

I got put on tills for an hour or so and I managed to get myself a nice paper cut. I think it was from a tag or the cardboard packaging but I ended up  gushing blood everywhere. Apologising profusely to the customer I was currently serving. They were more than patient as I finally got a plaster on my finger to stop the blood and was able to keep going. I finished up and got kicked off my till and sent back onto the floor after 1 pm. 2 hours left to go I learned how to fold the stupid folded shirts. They are difficult to fold and then difficult to stack and then the customers just make a mess of the pile you just folded. I tried to do as best as I could as fast as I could because I know that we are supposed to do them within a certain time frame.

New vocab:
plasters = bandaids
vest = tank top

I met a really nice guy that was in shopping. He asked if I worked there which may not be so obvious as I do not have a name badge yet. He asked about the floral crowns and then asked me where I was from and shook my hand after we exchanged names. He was very nice. Hope he found ones he was looking for.

Two more days and then its the weekend!


  1. Does your floor have any nice clothing? Are you tempted by a lot while you're folding. I think that part would drive me a bit mad with people coming around and messing up my nice piles. Two more days cousin - you can do it!!! I have one more work day then I'm off for 11 and cannot wait. Love you loads. Did you drink all your a&w yet?

  2. My floor has jeans, dresses and then short sleeved tops. I'm mostly in short sleeves and vests. I love the dresses . Have picked up a few for myself. It's mostly when I'm working tills when I go, oh I like that, that looks nice, not bad price. I got some new pajamas on Friday and am loving them. I did enjoy one of the rootbeers, have another in the fridge. It tasted so good.