Monday, July 14, 2014

Last night in Barcelona

With our last night in Barcelona apon us, we headed to check out the magical fountain at Montjuïc . The fountain show happens Thursday to Sunday from March 31 to October 30. With directions from google in hand we wandered or way through the streets towards Montjuïc. Exploring more of Barcelona's streets and coming across some interesting architecture. 

We walked around the fountain, having arrived early so we could get good seats to watch it. The surrounding area that had been quite empty started to fill as more and more people came to watch the show.  The show runs from 9 pm to 11 pm with a show every half an hour. The fountain show is free so I suggest checking it out if you are in the city on those days. I really enjoyed it. A lot of people were sitting on portions of the fountains that run up by the stairs across from the main fountain and got a little wet when the spray got larger. Depending on the weather and how high the sun is, I suggest going a bit later when it is darker to see the fountains better. We went for the first show and as you can see by the photos it was still very light out. It did get dark quite fast though.

The building above and below is the Palau Nacional or the National Palace. It was constructed for the 1929 International Exhibition in Barcelona. It's quite crazy, the idea of constructing such a beautiful and grand building like that. It is now home to the National Art Museum of Catalonia. Jess and I never managed to make it into the museum but I am noting it for future visits.  The museum has over 5,000 Spanish artworks which is quite an amount.

After the show we decided we would walk down towards Las Arenas and Plaza de Espanya and walk home along Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes. We stopped at a restaurant for a bite to eat as we were both a bit hungry. Jess enjoyed a grilled ham and cheese sandwich which they call bikinis in Spain. I got a laugh out of that. I decided I would order some tapas, Enjoying an empanada as well as a stuffed ball of deliciousness. I can't really recall what it was but the sauce it came with was quite nice. I also had another empanada but was unable to finish it. These little bites packed a punch.


  1. Pictures are amazing Paige! The fountain looked like it was quite nice to watch, was there music playing long with it - water dancing to the music? Barcelona is a beautiful city, and I'm glad you got to enjoy it Jess and her family.

  2. Oh yes, I forgot to ask. The second picture of the skeleton face on the door (scary looking) was that a Tattoo Parlor? And the picture of the things sticking out from the side of the red painted building, were they pottery pots? I was trying to figure it out and that's my best guess, very unique looking.