Saturday, July 26, 2014

First day of Work

I had my first full day of work on Friday. My schedule for work will be Monday to Friday 11am till 3 pm but since I needed to be till trained I would be working an additional four hours on my first day.  I caught the train into town at 8:06 am to be able to be there for a little before 9 am.

I went to the HR office as instructed and one of the ladies led me down by elevator and introduced me to my supervisor. She was super nice and trained me on the tills. She did a really good job as I did not feel confused about it at all. Of course there is a learning curve and remembering everything is a bit hard when you get so much information.

I stood back and watched one of the lovely ladies serve customers for a while before switching to another lady. I hung some shirts for a little while before observing some more.  After a while they got me started on my own till serving customers with the help of another woman bagging the items for me. I got the hang of doing the process and was able to go solo on the tills for about four or so hours. I lost track of time with the fast pace of serving and the amount of customers that were in the store. Before I knew it it was 6:30 pm and time to go home.

I am super happy with my first day. All my coworkers were super nice and very helpful if I had any questions. The supervisors were very quick to help in situations where I needed a hand. The customers were great too. Everyone was in a good mood despite the heat and how busy it was because of the Giants Spectacular happening in town.

After work I headed towards the train station stopping in the Lobster Pot to get some fish for dinner. By fish I mean like fish and chips kind of fish. Heading up to the train I never had a thought about how much of a nightmare getting home would be. Reaching the train station I came across a massive queue winding outside the station and down the stairs. It was crazy.

I thought the queue was just to the side doors but I was wrong it passed the side entrance before winding around the car park where they had signs splitting you off into the direction you were heading. I found Mossley Hill and slid into the queue. I knew the train was going in ten minutes so was getting quite nervous. They called for the train on the loud speaker but my line did not budge. The next train was in an hour and I did not know if I would even move in an hour. The guy behind me was also going to Mossley Hill but he seemed a lot less stressed than me. 

Giving up on being polite, I managed to work my way out of the barriers and slid between three queues and ran past all the police lined up outside them. Giving them wild crazed looks I told them "I'm going to Mossley Hill" as I ran past them. I said it to whoever I had the chance to before running unstopped into the train station and hurried onto the train. I made it with a few minutes to spare squeezing onto the door. I happily stood sweating with the rest of them for the two stops it takes to get to Mossley Hill. I was so relieved to catch the train home and not be stuck in that queue going nowhere. 

Could not have been happier to see this sign as I got off the train and headed home just as it started to rain. I enjoyed the Smarties I had picked up at work after finally relaxing at home. My feet hurt after a long day on them and I was looking forward to Saturday for a sleep in and the Giants.

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