Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cadiz Day 3: The Beach

Churros for breakfast, yes please! We learned to emphasize the rolling of our r's for churros as one place we went had me repeat it a few times before being all 'Oh yes churrrrrrrrrrrrros.' My bad. I enjoyed my churrrrrrrros happily in the morning sunshine.  Most everyone else got toast with a tomato salsa though Chico I believe managed to get some ham on his.

We headed for the beach after filling our bellies, walking along the beach was perfect. The water was lovely. Finally finding a spot in the sand to rest our things Lori and I headed to try and find drinks and possibly more towels. We found drinks in a small shop and brought them back to the group. I could not resist the water and hurried in as soon as I had the chance.  The water was a bit chilly at first but once you got in it was wonderful The water was quite salty so you could float around quite easily in the surf.

This trip down to Cadiz with Jess and her family was truly amazing so far. No problems. No planning. No worries. Just peace and relaxation. A true holiday.

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