Friday, July 25, 2014

Cadiz Day 2: Camera Obscura

After enjoying a spot of lunch after we left the museum we headed through Cadiz' winding streets and found the camera obscura in Torre Tavira.  We paid the €6.00 and climbed up the tower, admiring thae art work and information about the towers that popped up through the roof line of Cadiz. Upon reaching the top of the tower we were blown away by the view of the city. If you are ever in Cadiz,I highly recommend checking out the Torre Tavira for its view alone. After enjoying the view and the beautiful weather we headed down the stairs and were entertained by the guide who showed up the camera obscura. 

A camera obscura is an optical device that projects an image of the surrounding area onto a large screen. The guide was able to move the mirrors projecting the image to give us a 360 degree tour of the city. Moving the large bowl she was projecting onto she was able to zoom in and out on certain areas. As it is a projection you can see little people walking around in real time. I had never seen one before but the largest one in the world is in AberystwythWales so I might have to catch a train there and check it out.

After the camera obscura we headed back to the hotel, enjoying a bit of siesta time which involved Jess and I going out shopping while the adults napped. We returned after they had awoken and we stumbled around attempting to source out food. We found ourselves by the water which is not hard to do in Cadiz and it is largely surrounded by water. We decided on a restaurant we had passed the other day called Quilla where I had a very interesting burger. Build a burger. The sun setting across the water and the tide leaving all the boats stranded on the beach was a perfect end to the great day we had all had.

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