Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Barcelona to Cadiz

Waking up early, we caught the metro in Barcelona for the last time. Heading across the city to the train station where we would depart for our day long adventure across Spain. We we're catching the 9:04 am train all the way to Sevilla where we would switch and get on another train. Eventually finding ourselves in Cadiz at 10:23 pm. Yes. We were looking at around 13 hours on trains. Lucky us. 

I had no idea what our train would be like so we had packed some tissues which is always recommended when travelling. You never know when there will be no toilet paper or you spill chocolate on yourself. Better safe then sorry. We also brought along baby wipes just in case the situation was less than sanitary. 

I was happy to find out that our train from Barcelona to Sevilla was going to the probably the most comfortable journeys I have ever taken. We found our seats and double checked they were ours before sitting down. We had more leg room then a plane. The train was quite empty so it was nice and quiet. The seats moved and slid into recliners. It was amazing.

Barcelona's Estadio de Fran train station.

Our ride below. It was a very long train and we had to walk quite a bit along it in order to find our seats.

Jess and I were both determined to make this the best train ride of our lives. We slept, talked, enjoyed writing funny stories about really weird princesses and babies. We enjoyed the candy we had purchased in Barcelona. I crammed by box as full as I could when we had purchased them. It was quite dense and full of deliciousness.

We were quite wrong about the bathroom situation as well. There was a toilet at the front and rear of each compartment and it was clean and had lots of toilet paper. Lucky us.

Finally reaching Sevilla, we got off the train and headed through the station attempting to find which train was ours. Jess attempted to get any sort of wifi in order to contact her dad but had no luck. We finally managed to find which platform our train was on and hurried over to it. Finding our seats we slid into them and sat back for the last leg of our journey.  It was about an hour or so from Sevilla to Cadiz and we attempted to plot our route to where we were staying.

Arriving in the dark is something I don't like doing but we both hustled along through Cadiz and we looked around in attempt to find where we were and where we had to go. Passing a Burger King our stomachs reminded us of how hungry we were but seeing the line going out the door we hurried on past it. Taking the wrong street, we ended up a bit father from the hotel and had to re-route ourselves. Finally finding the correct street we found the address but nothing seemed right. There was nothing indicating that this was even a hotel. We stressed, trying to get on email to find which buzzer might be Jess' dads but email was not working. We confirmed with a woman on the street that was indeed the right building. We yelled "Steve!" up at the building at around midnight. Jess finally resorted to pressing all the buzzers. Luckily we got the right one and Chico answered. Soon Jess' dad appeared and unlocked the door for us. Leading us up into the apartment.

We did not stick around long though, our stomachs drove us out of the apartment and we wandered around for a little bit before finding a pizza place down a random street. Boy, was that pizza good. The place is called Ristorante Pizzeria Osare and is located on Calle Rosario 27. One of the best pizzas I have ever had. Might have been because I was starving but Jess and I devoured it.

After filling our bellies, we headed back to the apartment to get some rest. After such a long journey, it was nice to be in the same spot for a while.

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  1. Wow, those trains are pretty fancy, what a nice way to travel. The train station in Barcelona is amazing, what a beautiful old building.
    I bet you two where really hungry after a long day of traveling, the pizza does look delicious!