Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Can we get doughnuts now?

Barcelona is full of amazing things. You turn around a corner and discover something new. That is one of the reasons I suggest you explore the city as well as you can so that you can find some hidden gems and make amazing memories. We found Chok the Chocolate Kitchen, when we were in no mood to eat sweets. This was terrible and I am sure I could have stuffed about ten of the doughnuts down my throat out of sheer will power but we decided we would come back. 

Thank god we did as the doughnut I enjoyed was amazing. I was very surprised at my restraint in not ordering every doughnut they had in the store. They also had an amazing selection of truffles, dried fruit dipped in chocolate, kronuts, everything!

So again, check out Chok at Calle del Carme 3, you will not regret it! Enjoy the pictures and if you need more help deciding you need to go, click on the link above to their website and look at more photos of the beautiful treats.


  1. Oh my god, you both were in baking heaven, everything looked so delicious! I admire your restraint, I would have bought a least a dozen donuts/kronuts to take with me, lol.

  2. Along with that amazing shop is the lady that served you, what a beautiful looking lady.

  3. Gah I like everything about this!