Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cadiz Day 1

Waking up without a worry of having to do anything was quite nice. We rose from our slumbers and were greeted by the wonderful sunshine of Cadiz. Enjoying coffee and chocolate croissants from the bakery down the street. The croissants were so fresh biting into them with all the warm chocolate, so good. 

The reason we were in Spain was for Jess' stepmom Cindy's 50th birthday party. One way to celebrate. Though I myself turned 18 and 19 in the UK and now that I am living in Liverpool it looks like I will turn 25 and 26 here as well. Wow, when did I get so old? Take me back to 18!!

So our companions in Spain were Jess' dad Steve, Cindy, Cindy's sister Lori and her husband Chris. Lori and Chris we called the Chicos for the duration of the trip. Everyone was super nice to me and it was nice to be around more people. 

We walked do to the waters edge, exploring a beautiful park and I collected lots of beach glass that I hoarded back to Liverpool.

We walked from the beach along the edge of Cadiz, exploring a cool hotel before heading into a park where we found dinosaurs and a cat.  Yes, dinosaurs in Cadiz. I am not sure what they represented but they seemed to be having a great time in the pond.

After exploring the beach we wandered into a small museum called Casa del Obispo, which translates as the Bishop's House. It is an archaeological site allowing its visitors to see the history of Cadiz through their remains. The museum is €5.00 per person and you are allowed to take photos without flash. It was a very interesting place, the information was in English and Spanish which was very helpful to understand what we were looking at. The walkways are made of glass, allowing you to see below you and into the different rooms. 

After the museum we continued to walk through Cadiz along the water before heading to the market place where we enjoyed sandwiches for lunch and met a very happy dog.


  1. Great pictures Paige! The buildings are beautiful, lots of trees, and the ocean looks so inviting.
    The museum looked very interesting, glass floors to see below, what a brilliant idea!
    Maybe, they found fossils of those types of dinosaurs in Cadiz, and that's why they have replicas in the pond?

  2. Ha! A lot of our pictures look very similar... XD

  3. You are so right. I think these are your photos! Jk ;)