Monday, July 28, 2014

Everyone hates Mondays!

Woke up and had a quick shower before getting the train into town for work. It is really nice heading into town in the sunshine and walking through the centre.

Arriving at work, I climbed up the stairs, put my things away before heading down the stairs to start my four hour shift. I started on the floor for the first time, folding shirts and organising tables. It was a pretty chaotic task as it was busy with people everywhere as it always is in Primark. I struggled a little with people asking me where the "the hot pants, the jeggings, the shorts, the orange vests are..." Also trying to figure out which floor had which things, like maternity is first floor, long sleeved shirts are first floor and so much more to remember.  I got to go on tills twice which was nice. I really like doing tills as you don't have to deal with the chaos of the shop floor.

I do not have anything in Canada to compare Primark to. It's just always so packed in there. Like you can barely walk across the store as people are just heading in every direction.

Happy to say the four hours went by fast and I was soon leaving the store in the sunshine. I stopped at the store near my work and picked up two cans of A&W rootbeer. Can't wait to enjoy it.

I got to the train station and accidentally got on a train heading to Warrington before realising that it was not the right one and getting off in time to switch to the correct one heading to Manchester Oxford Road. Lucky I was paying some attention. The reason I got confused was because the trains were stacked one after the other and the only one with its doors open was the one heading to Warrington.

Getting home I enjoyed a tasty vegetarian pizza for dinner. I tried to find something to watch on Netflix which involved starting and stopping several shows.

Hope tomorrow goes just as fast as today did. <3


  1. Obviously you've already watched OINB and Derek. Have you tried Downton Abbey. Took me a few to get into but then I was hooked. Can't wait for Season 5. It's ridiculous but addictive! I'm glad at least the day went quickly for you. Check out my blog for a few Sea Fair photos to bring up some good memories for you ( Enjoy the root beer and I'll keep you in my thoughts for a positive good day at Primark tomorrow. Love you, Jen

  2. But...I love Mondays! It's just nice to have a fresh start, whether it's the start of a week, month, etc.

    Based on your newly-acquired job (and presumably, your now overwhelming fashion sense), what colour of hot pants would you suggest I buy? Haha! ;)