Saturday, July 26, 2014

Off to see the Giants

After a lovely sleep in, I woke up and did some laundry. Enjoyed a bit of tea and breakfast before heading over to Jamie's house.  I met her charming roommate. After a short visit we headed out to walk into town which we did at a leisurely pace.  Reaching town we had a bite to eat before heading over to see the Giants. We found the Grandma Giant sleeping in front of St George's Hall and Xolo and the Little Girl Giant sleeping by the Queensway Tunnels.

 On our way down into town we passed the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral where a wedding was taking. Below is their choice of wedding vehicle. Pretty impressive.

The crowds in town were massive. People everywhere walking about. It was hard to get anywhere.
 We found the Grandmother Giant asleep in her chair, having a good snooze in front of St George's. There was quite a large crowd around her snapping photos of her.

After getting a good look at the Grandmother, we walked over to the Queensway Tunnels and found the Little Girl and Xolo having their own naps. The Little Girl had a radio and umbrella to shade her from the sun. Someone was taking care of this Girl. Xolo seemed to be comfortable on some bags that did not look very comfortable at all.

With time to kill we headed into the shopping area to find the free toilets in Marks and Spencers. After a quick wee we strolled back up to Castle Street where we took up a spot by the railing where we hoped to have a good view of Xolo and the Little Girl when they came through the street. The Grandmother Giant was taking her own route. 

After waiting what seemed like ages Xolo came slowly into view. We heard he tried to pee on someone but we could not see so do not know for sure. He finally headed towards us but passed so quickly and did not stop close for us to get a good look at him moving around. We did get some photos of him passing by us though.

We had to wait another little while before the Little Girl Giant to walk into view. It's really amazing the team required to make her move and walk. She too like Xolo stormed on past us so we headed down the road a bit to get a better look at her when she stopped to do some movements for the crowd.

We moved through the crowded streets after the Giants had continued on their way. We wanted to head home and the crowds of people were still everywhere.

This nice guy helped Grandma Jamie across the street. 80 year old woman! Can't cross the street on her own.

We made it back to Wavertree and got some deliciously spicy butter chicken from Smithdown Bahti and went back to Jamie's to enjoy it. After filling my tummy with dinner, I said goodbye to Jamie and walked home. Today has been a very enjoyable day even with all the people and all the walking.


  1. Sneaky pictures are sneaky!

  2. Looks like great fun. I realize now what one of my IG friends was waiting in line for a couple of weeks ago. Pretty cool stuff. One day!