Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cadiz Day 2: Cadiz Museum

Our next day in Cadiz, we woke up and headed for the Museum of Cadiz. The museum costs €1.50 I believe to enter based on what I read on the website but we were allowed in for free. I am not sure if they just thought we were from another EU country but they did not check our passports or anything. 

The museum was very interesting, showing all the archaeological finds that have happened in the areas surrounding Cadiz. 

The sarcophagus above are from 400 BC! Their discovery led to the creation of  the Archaeological Museum of Cadiz.

Handless sculpture of Trajan above.

Above, Sculpture of Emperor Thoracata

Above, the Portrait of Livia

There was also a section of the museum dedicated to fine art and sculpture. Unfortunately not all of the rooms were open and we were unable to see all of the pieces. From what we peeked at around the barriers they looked really nice and I would have liked a closer look. It's too bad. We could only access the first floor so we are not sure what was up on the second floor of the building.

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  1. Hi Paige,
    At the very beginning, the two head statues with the birds on the top of their heads, what was suppose to be coming out of their mouths, and do you know what it was suppose to represent? Just looks weird and I'm curious? A very nice museum!