Saturday, July 12, 2014


Churros, oh delicious churros. They are like a fried magical doughnut. Churros con chocolate! Even better.    I honestly can't remember the name of the cafe that we decided to duck into and see if they had churros. They had a Catalan menu. They had churros. Also had some stone walls and they said the place was quite old.

The churros we got were very tasty but the chocolate was very dark. I like milk chocolate a lot but we managed to finish our churros without much trouble.   This was the start of trend in my trip to Spain with Jess. Asking if every single place had churros. It's a valid question.

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  1. I wasn't sure at first whether you just dipped your churros in the chocolate or whether it was hot chocolate to drink. But now I see, you do both! The chocolate does look very dark and rich, an added delight - looks absolutely yummy!
    You and Jess look so happy and I must say, in the last posts and in this one, I'm noticing those fancy painted finger nails, looking good ladies!