Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday, Sunday!

Today was so nice and sunny out. I walked over to the Tesco to pick up some milk and bread. It's so handy to have the small Tesco on Rose Lane. It's only about a five minute walk. The large Allerton Road Tesco Superstore is about 15-20 minute walk depending on how I'm feeling. It has a larger selection but on Sundays is only open 11-4. I didn't feel like walking all the way there and then back so only went into the small Tesco. Was happy to find Boylan's Rootbeer in the small Tesco. It costs £1.70 but it's a treat cause I miss rootbeer so much. I found a place in town that sells A&W rootbeer. It's close to work so I think I will have to go in and pick some up.

I called dad which was good. I am going to need to top up my phone card so that the balance does not expire on it. Must remember to do that.

I hope my second day of work goes well tomorrow.

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